Grow your savings and protect your family with Secure & Grow.



Grow your savings with the savings account that has your back. Borrow 2x your savings up to $2,000 at 12% APR if an emergency hits.

🌿 Earn a rate that's 9x national average.
🪐 Flexible repayments over 2-12 months.
✅ Fixed 12% APR on what you borrow.
👌 No hidden fees. $10 monthly fee.
🛡️ FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Savings growth at 9x national average

Grow your savings at 5% APY, so you can accelerate your savings goals, and plan for the future.

Protection that grows as you save

Cover emergencies with a borrowing limit that grows as you save (2x your savings balance, up to $2,000).

Payment terms that work for you

Break big emergency expenses into manageable payments, over 2-12 months.

Fixed interest rate when you borrow

Fixed 12% APR on what you borrow, so you know your interest doesn’t grow.

Get covered now, protect your future.

Designed for hardworking families. FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Complete the application to open your account today. We don't require a credit check.

Link your primary checking account as part of the application for eligibility check.

When you are approved, simply select your membership and start your protection. No payment required before approval.

Have questions? Let's answer them.

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