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Let's make ends meet, together

At Let's Get Set we are making the American Dream a reality. Our flagship products help you at tax time so you can calculate your expected refund and then get matched to free tax filing options. Use your refund to hit financial goals.  


Our goal is to bring tax filing into the digital age. We work with dozens of tax sites to match you with free tax filing options that are the right fit for you. Most tax companies or websites are designed for people with really complicated life situations, but for most Americans, taxes can be pretty straightforward. 

Every year, billions of dollars are left on the table that could be going to families that need it most. We are here to help you get the credit you've earned. 

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Guiding parents at tax time and beyond 

At Let's Get Set, we are committed to helping hardworking families find paths to financial security, and are starting by guiding them through tax time. We help parents estimate, secure, and use their tax refunds to reach financial goals that matter to them. 

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Many families who make less than $40K are eligible for THOUSANDS of dollars in tax refunds that can go a long way towards purchasing essentials, paying down debt, or saving for the future. If you're a new parent, this may be the first time that you are eligible for some of these credits and so we want to make sure you know what's coming.

Our RefundRealizer tool helps you figure out what your expected refund should look like so you can start preparing for the future and using your refund in the best way possible.

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If someone gave you $3,000 today - how would you use it? At Let's Get Set, we believe that tax refunds can be amazing moments of financial success for families. Our partners help you reach your financial goals by signing up for certain programs that put you on a path towards success. We can help you budget your refund for baby expenses, or put a bit of it away to help you save for college or even rainy days. Make your money make a difference. 

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