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Match with free tax prep and get your best refund

At Let’s Get Set we help hardworking families get ahead. We'll estimate your tax refund and then match you with trusted tax prep so you can get your full refund. We'll guide you throughout tax time to file successfully and use a piece of your refund to meet a savings goal.

Each year families miss out on $12 billion in tax credits - that’s $12 billion of money left on the table. If you're a new parent, this may be the first time that you are eligible for these credits! We want you to know that the average working new parent who makes less than $40K is eligible for $4,500 in federal credits. That’s a ton of money, and we want to make sure you get it.

The typical family we’ve spoken to spends $400 a year filing taxes. Instead, they should be filing for free. If you’ve never heard of free tax prep, you aren’t alone! Many software providers make it really hard to understand what’s actually free. That’s why we do the work of matching you with a partner who is trusted, reliable, free and best for your situation.

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Tools built for new parents

We’ve designed our tools for new parents like you. After you estimate your refund and get matched to tax prep, we'll help you reach your savings goals. We can help you budget your refund for baby expenses, or put a bit of it away to help you save for college or even rainy days. Make your money make a difference. 

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Guiding parents at tax time and beyond 

At Let's Get Set, we are committed to guiding hardworking families on paths to financial security. We will always support parents at tax-time, but also know there is a great need to build for beyond it. Next step = savings.

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