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We aim to help you navigate our complex tax system, and reclaim financial freedom.

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How can Let’s Get Set help me?

Let’s Get Set is intended to help families with less than $70,000 in income navigate the complex tax system, be matched with free tax preparers, and access the tax credits they’re entitled to. Families with children are entitled to additional tax credits.

What is the Let's Get Set support textline?

The Let’s Get Set support textline is a free service we offer to all of our users. We will send out tax-related tips, reminders, guides, and help you troubleshoot if you are stuck using our app. You can also text us with any questions regarding your taxes directly.

Does Let’s Get Set sell or share any of my data?

Let’s Get Set will never sell or share your data. The security of your information and your trust is our utmost priority.

Will Let’s Get Set ask for my social security number or run a credit check?

Let’s Get Set will never ask for your social security number or check your credit.