Mother and Child

We know there's a lot that is uncertain as a new parent, but one thing for certain is that you want to give your child the best future. Take the steps today and start saving with Let's Get Set.


Let’s Get Set is a purpose-driven fintech that helps hardworking families become financially secure. At Let’s Get Set we recognize systemic causes of financial insecurity and have built products that create more just, fair, and equitable systems. 


One of the problems for new parents is that it is so hard to find the info you need online. What bank account should I open? What can I expect from my tax refund? How does having a kid affect my taxes? How do savings affect my benefits? Where do I start?


That’s where Let’s Get Set comes in. We are building a mobile app that helps you get started saving. Our automated and on-demand tools are free and built for hardworking new parents in households making <$40k to give you the info you need when you need it to be sure you are taking the best financial steps for your family. We help you set a savings goal and help you hit it by offering reminders, supports, and access to key info and opportunities to jumpstart savings (like getting all your tax credits). We will send you tailored resources and tools to help.


​Let us help you kickstart your savings journey. Sign up to create your free customized savings plan and to start down the path to hitting those goals.


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