An easier and more affordable way to file taxes, made for parents.

Catch your major tax benefits.

File with accuracy, guaranteed.

Plan the future for you and your little one.

Catch all things you need to prepare for tax filing.

  • Calculate how much your tax refund will be.

  • Open a bank account to receive your tax refund faster.

  • Decide who in your family should claim your kids to get the bigger refund.

A screenshot of the Let's Get Set app showing tax refund estimate. And a screen of how household refund is affected by which adult claiming the kids.

Focus on the future: set savings goals and we will remind you to put aside pieces of your refund to build your future.

  • Tell us how you’d plan to use your refund - like for an emergency fund or baby expenses.

  • We will remind you to put money aside once you receive your tax refund.

Tell us your filing preferences. Based on your needs and refund estimate, we will suggest a filing option.

  • File with Let’s Get Set right in the app, with our filing support.

  • File with a free tax partner, on their website.

A Black mom is sitting at the kitchen table with her young child. They are both looking at her phone and smiling.

You pay only for filing, if you decide to file with us.

  • Filing with Let’s Get Set is $60 per tax return. You only pay when you file.

  • Filing with our tax partner is free. You can pay what you think is fair for the Let’s Get Set experience, and help us build our community. $0 is totally accepted.

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