Helping new parents making less than $40k claim their maximum refund.

We match you with a non-profit tax preparer, and support you every step of the way.


How can Let’s Get Set help you.


Fill out our questionnaire

No more stressing over tax forms and numbers. Simply answer some basic questions when you have time.


Gather supporting documents

You will have an easy-to-use checklist for all the documents you will need to prepare you for filing.


Meet your tax pro and start filing!

When it’s time to file, you can meet with your matched tax pro, in-person or online, or use software to get your filing started! (And you already have all the supporting docs you need.)


Get your estimated refund

We will work on crunching the numbers and get you a federal refund estimate, including the main tax credits you qualify for.


Get matched with free tax pro

We match you with the best tax preparer that will take care of your filing this year, for free!


Track your refund, and save!

We will help you track your refund once you filed with your matched tax pro. We will also assist you with setting up direct deposit and putting some of your refund towards savings.

Helping hard-working families is at the core of what we do.

And we have the success stories to back us up.


Not only have I started a savings plan, but I also have someone be accountable for me, helping me step-by-step, sending me tips here and there to help me be able to one day reach that goal.




Let’s Get Set helps me stay focused on financial stability. Sometimes life happens and people get sidetracked, but here I don’t forget!