We help America’s hardworking parents maximize their refund.

Claim all your eligible tax credits


Match with a tax preparer


File with personalized support

No tax fees. Ever.


You work hard for your family. So we work hard to secure all the money you deserve.

Maximize your tax refund now, with a little help from Let’s Get Set’s personalized tax support.


Should I file taxes?

Short answer, yes! Even if you didn’t make any money this year, you can still file taxes and receive tax credits in your refund.

Helping hard-working families is at the core of what we do.

And we have the success stories to back us up.


Not only have I started a savings plan, but I also have someone be accountable for me, helping me step-by-step, sending me tips here and there to help me be able to one day reach that goal.




Let’s Get Set helps me stay focused on financial stability. Sometimes life happens and people get sidetracked, but here I don’t forget!




Frequently Asked Questions

I used TurboTax to file last year, is Let’s Get Set the same thing?

No, Let’s Get Set isn’t the same thing as TurboTax. TurboTax is a tax software that lets you file your taxes and send that info directly to the IRS. Let’s Get Set, on the other hand, matches you with trusted tax preparers in your area or software (like a TurboTax) that is guaranteed to be free.


The tax partners we match you with specialize in helping families making $70k OR LESS claim their maximum refund. Best of all, they do not charge you any fees for their services.


If you are comfortable with TurboTax and want to use them again, you can absolutely still use them even if we match you with another partner. Just know that TurboTax may charge you service fees up to $300, and our partners won’t.


Your safety and data security is our priority.

We don’t sell your data. Ever. And we only ask for necessary information from you, in order to determine your refund size, eligibility and match you with the best free tax pro. We understand your information is sensitive and needs safeguarding.