Common questions

What do I need to get started?
How does Let’s Get Set work?
Can I file my taxes with Let’s Get Set?
Can I use Let's Get Set if I’m not a parent or if I make more than $70,000 a year?
Who can help me if I have questions about my taxes?
What are tax credits?
I can’t verify my phone number, what do I do?
Is Let’s Get Set free?
What are some common tax credits for parents making $70,000 or less?
Is it hard to file taxes?
Why do all my forms say 2022 when I am filing in 2023? It's 2023! Why does everyone keep saying tax year 2022?
What changed for my taxes this year?
Why is it better to direct deposit my refund?
What's a refund advance? Why should I avoid them?
How much can I get with my newborn baby?
What common credits do parents get? How much are they worth?
I didn’t make any income. Is it still “worth it” to file in 2023?
I can’t find my tax return from last year. How can I get a free copy?
I’m undocumented; would I still benefit from filing? What do I need to do?
I had a new baby in 2022 after July. Can I still claim them on my taxes?
I didn’t file my taxes last year, can I still claim the credits?
What is earned income?
What is an ITIN? Who needs one?
When are taxes due?
EIC or EITC? Are they the same thing?
What is a refundable credit and what makes refundable credits so important?
What is a nonrefundable credit?
I still haven’t got my refund from last year! How can I find out what is going on with my refund?