Earned Income Tax Credit

Whether you have children or not, if you made $21,430 or less ($27,380 for married filing jointly), you can claim EITC. We are here to help you every step of the way so you can receive your maximized refund.


An easier way to claim your EITC

Navigating the loops and holes of our tax system isn’t the easiest, we get it. That’s why we created our tax time tool to help you understand how much tax credits you are eligible for, and get you the help you need to claim them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Let’s Get Set file for me?

No, Let’s Get Set does not directly file your taxes on your behalf. Let’s Get Set’s purpose is to increase your refund size by matching you with a tax pro who’s well experienced in serving new parents and low-income communities. They are familiar with all the tax credits you are eligible for.

We will find you a free tax preparer based on your questionnaires and preferences. You will work closely (in-person or remotely) with your preparer to file.

How can Let’s Get Set help me?

Let’s Get Set is intended to help families with less than $70,000 in income navigate the complex tax system, be matched with free tax preparers, and access the tax credits they’re entitled to. Families with children are entitled to additional tax credits. 

Is Let’s Get Set a tax preparer?

No, Let’s Get Set is a financial wellness app that helps our users navigate the tax system. We match our users with free tax preparation services to complete the tax filing process, but we will be right alongside you with text reminders, support resources, and refund tracking.

How does Let’s Get Set make money?

Let’s Get Set does not charge mandatory fees. We believe that everyone should be able to access our platform and get the tax credits they deserve, regardless of whether they can afford to pay us for the service.

To fund our operations, we rely on our users’ support through voluntary payments after using our service. When you choose to contribute, you’re helping us cover our costs, develop new services, and expand the number of families that we can help this tax season.

Does Let’s Get Set sell or share any of my data?

Let’s Get Set will never sell or share your data. The security of your information and your trust is our utmost priority.

Will Let’s Get Set ask for my social security number or run a credit check?

Let’s Get Set will never ask for your social security number or check your credit.