Already filed, but think you missed out on tax benefits? 🧐

We got you! You can now check your return to see if you missed out on the major tax credits that you qualify for.
Money she almost missed 🐣


"It was a super easy process, all i had to do was put in my tax info! This will help people get all the benefits they didn't know about."


- Kaitlynn W.

Who's it for?

Our tool is made for new parents making $70,000 a year, or less. Because being a new parent is hectic, and catching your tax benefits should be the last thing on your mind!

Let's make sure you got your major credits

like the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Recovery Rebate Credit. 👍

1. Fill out a form with your tax situation and 1040 return (don't stress, we will guide you through this!)

​2. We will review your form and crunch some numbers.

​3. You will receive an email with the results and next steps.

That's it! If you are missing out on tax benefits, we will show you how to amend your 2021 return to get that money back.