Let's Get Set Parent Tax Help

Let’s Get Set is a purpose-driven fintech that helps hardworking families become financially secure. Our vision is to build a financial platform that offers tailored resources, products, and support for households making less than $40k to guide them on pathways to financial stability. 


We center user trust and financial health, recognize systemic causes of financial insecurity, and build products that create more just, fair, and equitable systems. We design for our users’ contexts with a diverse team that has lived experience, deep empathy, humility, and respect.

About Us
We built Let's Get Set to serve hardworking families

The idea for Let’s Get Set was sparked by three MIT graduate students who shared a passion for making the American Dream accessible to all. In June 2020, they entered MIT’s delta v accelerator program to improve access to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), America’s most effective anti-poverty program. As they listened to users they heard firsthand about their struggles during tax-time and beyond. They heard their requests for help with everything from deciding to file taxes to opening a bank account that was best for their savings goal. Clare Herceg, our founder, decided to launch Let's Get Set to fill that void and to make upward mobility possible. 

Our focus on trust is what sets us apart

At our core we aim to:

Build products that solve real financial pain points for families and guide them on paths to financial security

Design for users’ contexts, and in a way that empowers them 

Create an intentional business model that centers user trust, aligns our incentives with building useful products for families, and enables scale

Build a team with diverse backgrounds and lived experience that embodies our values of commitment, empathy, humility, honesty, and ethics.

We will earn trust by building products that are designed first and foremost for our users’ needs. We will work with trusted community partners and will be transparent about our values, our design principles, and our business model. We know that low-income families have been underserved and overcharged by many existing financial players, and we commit to doing things differently. 

a better alternative to irs free tax return preparation programs through the feedback we have collected

We center users and their feedback in all of our product designs because we believe people know what they need. We believe that existing financial services and apps don’t serve households in our demographic well because these companies didn’t explicitly design for new parents in our demographic. Our tax-time tools were designed with input from over 70 parents, 100+ stakeholder interviews, and academic research and are constantly improving as we hear from our users.


Lastly, we can’t talk about financial inclusion and not explicitly talk about race. At our core we were founded because we recognize that the American Dream is not accessible by all. As hard as some work, there have been and continue to be structural barriers that prevent communities of color, particularly Black and Brown communities, from accessing opportunity and amassing wealth. We have an opportunity to design both our organization and our products to dismantle institutional racism and white privilege instead of reinforcing those systems. We commit to doing that.